Moving and Relocation Services

Moving and Relocation Services

We are your international relocation company, offering exceptional relocation experiences. At Alexander Kundendienst, we manage your international move from start to finish, because we want you to feel at home wherever you go.

Moving to another country can be a daunting experience. But we think it should be one of the most exciting moments of your life. That’s why, with us, you have a single coordination point to make everything work like clockwork. We work with you to make sure that every aspect is perfect, down to the smallest detail. From storage services to packaging and unpacking, we take care of everything.

What we provide

  • Pre-move consultations
  • Probes internally
  • Packaging services
  • Road transport
  • Delivery and unpacking

Services on request

  • Transport protection
  • Storage
  • Departure support
  • Moving pets
  • Vehicle shipping

How can we help you with the move?

To get things started, we include a careful consultation before moving so we can work with you to assess your needs. We will show you how our international shipping process works and all the additional features of our disposal service. We are completely transparent about our shipping costs, including additional options, such as shipping protection, for extra peace of mind.

Once you are ready to leave, we will provide you with a comprehensive internal survey to catalog everything in your home. We understand the importance of keeping your personal belongings safe when you travel internationally. This is why our professional surveyors compile in-depth surveys, taking stock of every little thing. Then, on the day of the move, we send our team of movers and professional packers who use only the best packaging materials and techniques.

Moving and Relocation Services

Alexander Kundendienst also offers you services direct express transport, freight forwarding.

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